National Young Performer Awards Timetable of Events 2018

The 2018 Timetable will be added in September 2018. To get an idea of the timetable for the weekend, you may like to click on the following link to access the NYPA Tmetable Precis 2017

2018 will see the continuation of the very popular and exciting Troupe/Group section which we be competing for the National Title, alongside the traditional Soloist Art Forms.

The Troupe/Group Section will have Registration, Orientation and Draw for Order of Performance on Thursday 18th October, with the Troupe/Group Competition being held on Friday 19th October

The Soloists for Ballet, Tap Dance, Pianoforte & Vocal Sections, will have Registration and Oreintation on Friday 19th October, with the Soloist Competition of Preliminary rounds (including Masterclasses in Ballet & Tap Dance) being held on Saturday 2oth October and Sunday 21st October.

Soloist Semi-finals will be held on Sunday 21st October, with the FINAL CONCERT at 7.30pm Sunday 21st October.

Tickets can be purchased at or download the Ticketing form and post in with payment

Ticketing form 2017 - Ticketing Form 2018 will be added in April 2018

The Ballet & Tap Dance Adjudicators – will run Workshops on Monday 22nd October for all interested dancers and including the NYPA Nominees.

Workshop Information & Registration form – will be added early in 2018

Workshop Rego 2017

Workshop Info Trifold 2017