Troupe/Group Competition 2017


Qu:  What was one of the best things about the NYPA 40th Anniversary in 2016 ????

Answer:  THE TROUPE/GROUP AWARD !!!!! So let’s keep running it!!



A. Competitors may be of any age.Competitors may only compete in ONE nominated Troupe/Group for any particular Studio or Educational Institution. e.g : a Competitor may be in ONE Troupe for their Dance Studio and ONE Troupe for their High School or College.

B. Each Troupe/Group shall be nominated at a Member Society Competition by performing in any dance genre pertinent to the Competition they enter. This competition is for amateur troupes/groups only and is not open to professionals*.

C. There shall be a maximum time limit of five minutes, taken from the beginning to the conclusion of the music.  A penalty of 5 marks will be imposed if the time limit is exceeded by 10 seconds or more.

D. Troupes/Groups who gain nomination must be able to attend the National Young Performer Competition which will be held in Palmerston North. Compulsory Registration/Orientation will be on the evening of Thursday 19th and the Competition will be on Friday 20th October 2017.

E. The winning Troupe/Group will be announced at the completion of Competition on the Friday and it would be appreciated if the group were available to perform at the Final Award Concert on Sunday night 22nd  October 2017.

F. Costumes, choreography & music should be appropriate to the age of both the competitors and suitable for a family audience.

NB. The CLOSING DATES will be relative to the date of Nomination. 

Troupe/Group members’ names and ages & Entry Fee will need to submitted on the Official Entry Form by the Closing date.

Nominees in the Troupe/Group section are required to include performance copies of their music on USB when submitting their entry form, and a list of the titles and composer and/or artists for each piece. The FINAL DATE for submitting music is 6th September 2017.

Each Society can decide if they want to run a separate Troupe/Group Nomination class or combine it with their usual group sections. Get in touch with the PACANZ office if you have any questions about this Nomination class

The first Troupe/Group Nominations for 2017 will be being awarded in August & September 2016

Thanks to the Troupe/Group Sponsors : WORLD CLASS DANCE TOURS ;

The winning Troupe/Group will receive  the Tempo Dance Festival Trophy and WCDT Award of $1,500 for their Studio.

Second place receives the WCDT Award of $500 for their Studio

Third place receives the WCDT Award of $300 for their Studio

Potential Award : Sponsored by DanceNZmade receives $100 for their Studio