Art Forms – 2018 Ballet

National Young Performer Awards


2018 Criteria for Ballet

A. Performers shall be 15 and under 19 years as at 1st of October 2018

B. Each performer shall compete in three classes during the preliminary round;

  1. Solo Variation from the following lists:
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    • Female Solo Variation

      Gamzatti – La Bayadere Act II
      Giselle – Giselle Act I
      Aurora’s Wedding – Sleeping Beauty Act III
      Aurora’s Birthday – Sleeping Beauty Act I
      Prelude – Les Sylphide
      Odette – Swan Lake Act I
      Odile – Swan Lake Act III
      Esmeralda – La Esmeralda
      Kitri’s Entrance – Don Quixote Act I
      Bluebird – Sleeping Beauty Act III
    • Male Solo Variation

      Peasant Pas 1st Solo – Giselle Act I
      Albrecht – Giselle Act II
      Bluebird – Sleeping Beauty Act III
      James – La Sylphides Act I
      James – La Sylphides Act II
      Pas de Deux – 1st Solo Flower Festival
      Variation – Corsaire Act III
      Basil – Don Quixote Act III
      Prince Desire – Sleeping Beauty Act III
      Siegfried – Swan Lake Act III
  2. Solo Variation from any recognised classical repertoire which MAY or MAY NOT be from the list in B1 The selection, however, must show a clear contrast in style to the variation selected in section B.1.
  3. All performers will participate in a Technical Class conducted by, or for, the Adjudicator. No audience observation will be permitted.
    The Technical Class will be taken into consideration in determining both the semi final and the final placing.


C. There will be a semi final of up to twelve competitors who will repeat either B. 1 or B. 2 at the discretion of the adjudicator.
Competitors will be chosen based on their marks in the Preliminary round(s) . The number of semi-finalists is determined as                                                                                                                                                                                 per the NYPA rules 7.1-7.2. Competitors will be chosen based on their marks in the Preliminary round(s).

D. For the Final Award Concert six competitors will be recalled, and shall repeat the item not performed at the semi final.


Society Nomination

Each Society, which is a financial member of PACANZ, may nominate up to two competitors, which shall be selected by the adjudicator, based on a performance as outlined in A, B1 and B2.

The adjudicator will determine that a competitor has displayed a sufficient standard of performance to competently represent that society at the National Finals.
The standard required will be at the absolute discretion of the adjudicator but will include;

  • A demonstration of adequate preparation
  • An authority of performance
  • A performance with a level of maturity commensurate with a national final competition of this age group.

If the adjudicator considers that sufficient standard has NOT been reached by any competitor, then NO nomination will be made.

The nominating Society is responsible for paying part of the entry fee National Young Performer of the Year Award i.e. $75.00 inc gst

The Nominee is responsible for paying part of the entry fee to the National Young Performer of the Year Award i.e. $175.00 incl gst


Please note:  Nominees in the ballet section are required to include performance copies of their music on USB when submitting their entry form, and to supply the list of their music title, and artist

2018 Ballet Criteria


Past Winners

1977      Bronwyn Bennett

1981      Tracey Jacobs

1984      Nicola Jane Searchfield

1987      Michelle MacKenzie

1990      Bridget McCready

1993      Charlotte Lawson

1996      Amber Hunt

1998      Kieran Gourley

2000      Georgina Hagerty

2002      Ty King-Wall

2004      Karen Nanasca

2006      Katherine Grange

2008      Amelia Hutchinson

2010      Katie Rudd

2012     Natalie Welch

2014     Libby-Rose Niederer

2016    Lilly Maskery