National Young Performer Awards – Entry Info & Prize Money 2017





National Young Performer Awards will take place on the weekend 19-22 October 2017 in Palmerston North


Regent on Broadway Theatre , Speirs Centre and The Globe Theatre


The Troupe Registrations are on Thursday 19 October (from 1.00pm – Compulsory briefing at 7.00pm) and the Soloist Registrations are on Friday 20 October (from 6.00pm – Compulsory briefing at 8.00pm) at the Regent on Broadway Theatre , Palmerston North.

  Final Award Concert

Time to be confirmed, but a 7.30pm start time is anticipated   Sunday 22nd   October Regent on Broadway Theatre Palmerston North

· Please note that as a Soloist nominee you will be expected to attend the Final Award Concert.
· All nominees will be presented with their Medals on the main stage.

Dress for the Final Award Concert is formal.

  Prize Package

The total 2017 prize pool is $43,000, including  Troupe, Unplaced Finalists, Potential and Audience Choice prizes, medals and sashes. All prize money is subject to funding and availability. PACANZ reserves the right to alter the amount of Prize Money.

Prize money for each of the four art forms (Modern, Highland Dance, Instrumental, Speech & Drama)

Winner       ($5,000 Tuition Grant)
2nd Place  ($3,000 Tuition Grant)
3rd Place   ($1,500 Tuition Grant)

Prize money for the winning Troupe/Group is $1,500 for 1st, $500 for 2nd and $300 for 3rd.

  Solo Nominee Entitlements

Each  society nominee and direct entry nominee  will receive:

· 1 entry pass giving access to all venues for all preliminary sessions, semi finals and the adjudicator review.
· 1 complimentary competitors pass to the Final Award Concert Sunday 22nd October (For nominee use only)

 Troupe/Group Nominee Entitlements

Each  Member of a Nominated Troupe/Group, plus 1 accompanying Adult will receive:

· 1 entry pass giving access to the Regent Theatre for the duration of the Troupe/Group competition (Friday 20th October)




  Society Nomination for Soloists

If you receive a Society Nomination to the National Young Performer Awards you are required to pay an entry fee of $175 inc gst
(This in addition to the $75 inc gst paid as entry fee by your nominating society)

  Direct Entry Nomination for Soloists

If you have received a Direct Entry Nomination ( Pianoforte or Vocal only)  to the National Young Performer Awards you are required to pay an entry fee of $250 inc gst.

Society Nomination for Troupe/Group

         If you receive a Society Nomination to the National Young Performer Awards you are required to pay an entry fee of $250 inc gst

  To Confirm Your Nomination

You are required to return the official entry form (sent to all nominees following official notification of nomination) accompanied by the entry fee, titles of your items and in the case of Modern and Troupe/Group competitors the performance copies of your dance music ( mp3 format on USB only). You need to send the title of the music and artist for APRA purposes. The final date for Solo backing music will be 8th September and for Troupe/Group baking music 6th September.

  Entries close:

30 June 2017 for those competitors nominated by 31 May 2017  ( All Solo Art Forms)

23 August 2017 for those competitors nominated by 31 July 2017 ( All Solo Art Forms)

Closing dates for Troupes/Groups will be realtive to their Nomination date but will be no earlier than 30 June 2017.

 6 September 2017 for all Troupes/Groups – Final Entry and Music deadline

8 September 2017 for those competitors nominated before 31 August 2017 ( All Solo Art Forms)

         8 September 2017 for ALL music for Modern