Introduction to the Performing Arts Competitions Association of New Zealand Inc.


Since 1966 the Performing Arts Competitions Association of New Zealand Inc. (PACANZ) has acted as the national body for New Zealand’s Performing Arts Competition Societies.

The PACANZ objectives are:

  • To be the representative national organisation for performing arts competition societies in New Zealand
  • To encourage, foster and promote the practice and appreciation of the performing arts in New Zealand

Our 52 Member Societies operate competition festivals throughout New Zealand, with children and young people participating in one or sometimes several of the art forms offered (Ballet, Modern Dance, Tap Dancing, Highland Dance, Speech and Drama, Pianoforte, Orchestral Instrument, and Singing).

Pacanz is a Registered Charity CC 20183


National Young Performer Awards


The 2018 National Young Performer Awards will be held in Palmerston North, at the Regent on Broadway Theatre, the Speirs Centre and the Globe Theatre, hosted in conjunction with the Palmerston North Dance Assn and the Manawatu Performing Arts Competitions Society, on the weekend 18-21 October 2018.

Ticket booking forms are available (from April 2018)  from or download the pdf below.

In 1977 PACANZ initiated the National Young Performer Awards. This multi-discipline award, represents 8 of the art forms traditionally covered in the competitions movement, and is the pinnacle of achievement for many of our competitors giving them a unique opportunity to perform at national level. 2016 saw the re-introduction of the Troupe/Group Dance award as part of the 40th Anniversary Celebrations and this section will continue to be part of the NYPA in 2018, alongside the Soloist art forms

Since the inaugural Awards in 1977, more than 130 Awards have been decided at competitions that have hosted hundreds of aspiring performing artists. Through Prize monies and Tuition grants, more than $600,000 has been invested back into the performing arts movement. The Awards are currently operated on a two year cycle, namely:


19-21 October 2018 – NB. This is Labour weekend as the School Holidays are later in 2018  Ballet, Tap, Vocal and Pianoforte for Soloists and the Troupe/Group Dance Award in Palmerston North
17-20 October 2019 – NB. This is NOT Labour weekend. Highland & National Dance, Modern Dance, Instrumental, Speech & Drama and the Troupe/Group Dance Award in Palmerston North
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NYPA Ticket Booking Form 2018  Please download this PDF document for all Ticket Booking Info.