Art Forms – 2017 Modern Dance

National Young Performer Awards

2017 Modern Criteria

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2017 Criteria for Modern Dance

A. Competitors shall be 15 and under 21 years as at 1st October 2017

B. Each competitor shall perform in three classes during the preliminary round:

  1. Modern/Jazz
  2. Contemporary
  3. Master Class -  run by the Adjudicator(s).  No audience observation.


C. There shall be a maximum time limit of four minutes for each dance, taken from the beginning to the conclusion of the music.

D. There will be a semi-final at which competitors will repeat either B. 1 or B. 2 at the discretion of the adjudicator. Competitors will be chosen based on their marks in the Preliminary round(s). The number of semi-finalists will be decided in accordance with the NYPA rules.

E. For the Final Award Concert six competitors will be recalled and shall repeat the item not performed at the semi-final.

F. Costumes, choreography and music should be appropriate to the age of both the competitors and suitable for a family audience.

NB: Nomination of competitors by Societies should be based on classes B1 and B2 i.e. without the Master Class, but may include an impromptu class, at the discretion of the society.

NB:  At the National competition
Nominees in the Modern Dance section are required to include performance copies of their music on CD when submitting their entry form, and a list of the titles and composer and/or artists for each piece.


Society Nomination

Each Society, which is a financial member of PACANZ, may nominate up to two competitors, who shall be selected by the adjudicator, based on a performance as outlined in A, B1 and B2.

The adjudicator will determine that a competitor has displayed a sufficient standard of performance to competently represent that society at the National Finals.

The standard required will be at the absolute discretion of the adjudicator but will include:

  • A demonstration of adequate preparation
  • An authority of performance
  • A performance with a level of maturity commensurate with a national final competition of this age group.


If the adjudicator considers that sufficient standard has NOT been reached by any competitor, then NO nomination will be made.

The Nominee is responsible for paying part of the entry fee to the National Young Performer Awards i.e. $175.00 inc GST


Past Winners

1989      Fiona Hadfield

1991      Nicola Fraser

1994      Julia Darling

1997      Natalie Clark

1999      Renee Schuda

2001      Tracey Purcell

2003      Anna-Louise Herzog

2005      Joseph O’Sullivan

2007      Sharn Te Pou

2009      Katie Rudd

2011      Brad Carter

2013      Duncan Armstrong

2015     Ngaere Jenkins