NYPA Nominees 2018

Competitors will be added to the Website, as soon as their Nomination paperwork is received at the PACANZ office.

The Order of Performance for Soloists will be announced at the end of September and the links attached to this page. The information will also be sent to all Soloists.

The Order of Performance for the Troupe/Group section is announced on the 18th October 2018.


  •  Sophie Siebuhr  Alexandra Musical Society
     Arabella Moore  South Waikato Dance Festival
     Becky Moles  Te Awamutu Competitions Society
     Sophie Noble-Campbell
     Te Awamutu Competitions Society
     Yolana-Maria Batista-Vizcarra  Gisborne Competitions Society
     Briese Phelan-Boyd  Bays School of Dance
     Dane Head  Bays School of Dance
     Jadyn Bagayas  Bays Competition Society
     Asia-Rose Blowfield  Bays Competition Society
     Charlotte Healey  Northland Performing Arts Competitions Society
     Erin Malan  Northland Performing Arts Competitions Society
     Matthew Karton  Palmerston North Dance Assn
     Olivia Gordon  Palmerston North Dance Assn
     Taylor Ferguson  Southland Competitions Society
     Anna Pallister  North Shore Performing Arts
     Rebekah Terry  North Shore Performing Arts
     Breanna Surridge  Marlborough Performing Arts Society
     Rosie Owles  Associated Ballet & Theatre Club
     Phoebe Howard  Manawatu Performing Arts Competition Society
     Shavaun Tohill  Manawatu Performing Arts Competition Society
     Millicent Askin  Wanganui Competition Society
     Ariah Mandeno  Waihi Performing Arts Competition Society
     Jemima Scott  Waihi Performing Arts Competition Society
     Mary Sophia Hay  Fusion Dance Festival
     Summer Bradley  Auckland Combined Dance Assn
     Louise Camelbeke  Auckland Combined Dane Assn
     Amy Rose Berthelsen  Westport Performing Arts Competition Society
     Kyoka Takahashi  Christchurch Tap Dancing Teachers Assn
     Sophia Bae  Christchurch Tap Dancing Teachers Assn
     Maddie Knight  Faces of Movement Performing Arts
     Monet Galea-Hewitt  Rotorua Competitions Society
     Oskar Temel  Rotorua Competitions Society
     Mason King  Braemar Dancing Club
     Tsuyumi Wilson-Travis  Braemar Dancing Club
     Kimberley Mear  Tauranga Dance Inc
     Sophie Ford  Tauranga Dance Inc
     Lacey Sleeman  Waitakere Performing Arts Society
     Olive Pearce  Waitakere Performing Arts Society
     Abby Murphy  Oamaru Performing Arts Society
     Ayiana Lo-Fo-Wong  Oamaru Performing Arts Society
     Logan Muller  Taupo Society of Ballet & Dance
     Holly McKay  Taupo Society of Ballet & Dance
     Emma Hutton  Dance Southland Inc


  •  Alyssa Chia  Te Awamutu Competitions Society
     Isabelle Fox  Te Awamutu Competitions Society
     Tayla Heswall  Northland Performing Arts Competitions Society
     Brooke Mowbray  Northland Performing Arts Competitions Society
     Bree Howe  Alexandra Musical Society
     Jessica Larkins
     Alexandra Musical Society
     Lara Wilson  Bays Competition Society
     Sophie Thomson  Bays Competition Society
     Isabel Woodhouse  Dunedin Tap Dancing Society
     Lara Davidson  Dunedin Tap Dancing Society
     Letisha White  Gisborne Competitions Society
     Zara Fox  Palmerston North Dance Assn
     Georgina Palmer  Palmerston North Dance Assn
     Summer Johnson  Taieri Competitions Society
     Bayley Graham  Taieri Competitions Society
     Sharon Wei  Bays School of Dance
    Toni Aimer  Bays School of Dance
     Hannah Thorne  North Shore Performing Arts
     Piper Morrison  Upper Hutt Competition Society
     Ebony Allpress-McIver
     Upper Hutt Competition Society
     Emma Treleaven  Marlborough Performing Arts Society
     Hayley Christie  Marlborough Performing Arts Society
     Marian Sun  Manawatu Performing Arts Competition Society
     Etana Wasley  Wanganui Competition Society
     Annie Zhou  Fusion Dance Festival
     John Tetley-Jones  Waitakere Performing Arts Competition Society
     Faolan Okan  Auckland Combined Dance Assn
     Summer Bradley  Auckland Combined Dance Assn
     Emerald Jackson  Auckland Festival of Dance
     Rhianna Steer  Westport Performing Arts Competition Society
     Renee Vaudrey  Westport Performing Arts Competition Society
     Olivia Larkins  Invercargill Tap Dancing Assn
     Talia O’Neill  Invercargill Tap Dancing Assn
     Will Perkins  Christchurch Tap Dancing Teachers Assn
     Caleb Cameron  Christchurch Tap Dancing Teachers Assn
     Rosie Adams-Horsley  South Waikato Dance Festival
     Ben Lucas  South Waikato Dance Festival
     Renee Stasiewicz  Associated Ballet & Theatre Club
     Ben Porter  Associated Ballet & Theatre Club
     Danielle Neill  Faces of Movement Performing Arts
     Alina Croad  Hutt Valley Performing Arts
     Sarah McLennan  Oamaru Performing Arts Society
     Nadia Hill  Central Fusion Dance
     Kelland O’Neil  Mosgiel Ballet Society
     Temple Flaws  Mosgiel Ballet Society
  •  Tony Yan Tong Chen  Te Awamutu Competitions Society
     Annalise Wang  Te Awamutu Competitions Society
     Pei-Yu Chin  Northland Performing Arts Competitions Society
     Jennifer Wordsworth  Northland Performing Arts Competitions Society
     Jaewon Lee  Southland Competitions Society
     Catherine Chang  North Shore Performing Arts
     Shuan Liu  North Shore Performing Arts
  •  Calla Knudson-Hollebon  Te Awamutu Competitions Society
     Jonathan Dunlop  Te Awamutu Competitions Society
     Olivia Sheat  Marlborough Performing Arts Society
     Manase Latu  North Shore Performing Arts Society
     Christina McDonald  North Shore Performing Arts Society


  •  Dance Central  South Waikato Dance Festival
     Neverland Studios  Bays Competition Society
     Northern School of Performing Arts  Bays Competition Society
     Imperious Dance Company – Megacrew  Te Awamutu Competition Society
     Imperious Dance Company – Rustic  Te Awamutu Competition Society
     Studio 246  Northland Performing Arts Competitions Society
     Bays School of Dance  Northland Performing Arts Competitions Society
     Dancefit Studio  Gisborne Competitions Society
     Judith Fuge Dance Studios  Southland Competitions Society
     Tracey Odell School of Dance  Palmerston North Dance Assn
     Talbot Dance Academy  Northland Performing Arts Competitions Society
     Mt Eden Ballet Academy  Bays School of Dance
     Maureen Ax School of Dance  Palmerston North Dance Assn
     Dean McKerras School of Dance  Taieri Competitions Society
     Judith Fuge Dance Studio  Mosgiel Ballet Society
     Studio Move  Alexandra Musical Society
     Dance24Seven  North Shore Performing Arts
     Extreme Dance  Upper Hutt Competitions Society
     DanceWorks Studios  Manawatu Performing Arts Competition Society
     Dance Unlimited  Wanganui Competition Society
     Dance West  Waihi Performing Arts Competition Society
     Fusion Dance – Jazz  Fusion Dance Festival
     Fusion Dance – Contemporary  Oamaru  Performing Arts Society
     Ponsonby School of Dance  Auckland Combined Dance Assn
     Dreams Academy of Performing Arts  Associated Ballet & Theatre Club
     Extreme Dance  Associated Ballet & Theatre Club
     Louise Emma Academy of Dance  Faces of Movement Performing Arts
     Auckland West Dance Academy  Rotorua Competitions Society
     Mount Eden Ballet Academy – Les Mis  Waitakere Performing Arts Society
     Chilton Dance Centre  Hutt Valley Performing Arts
     Hayley Johnson Academy of Dance  Hutt Valley Performing Arts
     Tracey Odell School of Dance  Westport Performing Arts Comps Society
     Mount Eden Ballet Academy – This Is Me  Waitakere Performing Arts Society
     Dance24Seven  Christchurch Tap Dancing Teachers Assn
     Extreme Dance  Central Fusion Dance
     DanceWorks Studios  Dance Southland Inc
     Taupo Academy of Dance  Taupo Society of Ballet & Dance
     Gillian Moore School of Dance  Tauranga Dance Inc
     Neverland Studios  Bays School of Dance
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