Art Forms – 2017 Speech & Drama

National Young Performer Awards

2017 Speech & Drama Criteria

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2017 Criteria for Speech and Drama

A. Competitors shall be 15 and under 21 years as at 1st October 2017

B. Each competitor shall present a programme of 13 to 15 minutes duration of a contrasting nature, marked out of 80.

  1. One prepared prose of 3 to 4 minutes duration which may be read or memorised
  2.  One item of poetry
  3. One characterisation
  4. Each competitor shall introduce the programme and provide a linking commentary. This should be in extempore style.

C. Each competitor shall give a two-minute Improvisation during the preliminary round. The adjudicator shall select the topic. Thirty seconds of preparation time will be allowed.  The Improvisation shall be marked out of 20 marks.

D. A penalty of five marks will be imposed if the minimum time limit is not met, or the maximum time limit is exceeded by 30 seconds or more.

E. There will be a semi final of up to eight competitors who will repeat their full programme as stated In B. Competitors will be chosen based on their marks in the Preliminary round(s)

F. For the Final Award Concert three competitors will be recalled and shall repeat their characterisation together with either their poetry or prose as chosen by the Competitor.


Society Nomination

Each Society, which is a financial member of PACANZ, may nominate up to two competitors, who shall be selected by the adjudicator, based on a performance as outlined in A-D (above).

The adjudicator will determine that a competitor has displayed a sufficient standard of performance to competently represent that society at the National Finals.

The standard required will be at the absolute discretion of the adjudicator but will include;

  • A demonstration of adequate preparation
  • An authority of performance
  • A performance with a level of maturity commensurate with a national final competition of this age group.


If the adjudicator considers that sufficient standard has NOT been reached by any competitor, then NO nomination will be made.

The Nominee is responsible for paying part of the entry fee to the National Young Performer Awards i.e. $175.00 inc GST


Direct Entry

If the adjudicator considers that more than two competitors have reached a sufficient standard, the adjudicator may report to the committee that those competitors should be given the option of a Direct Entry.

The Direct Entry competitor will be responsible for paying the full entry fee i.e. $250.00 inc GST


Past Winners

1979      Catherine Peters

1981      Elizabeth Bryne

1984      Madeleine Lynch

1987      Jane Gratkowski

1990      Louise Frost

1993      Kate Glover

1997      Nathan Meister

1999      Daniel Musgrove

2001      James Hargraves

2003      Matthew Hooker

2005      Tim Holmberg

2007      Oscar Enberg

2009      Christian Thurston

2011      Edward Bijl

2013      Rosanna Hewson

2017      Alex Lye